How Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Saved My Life: Confessions of a Former Stress-Addict

My life before yoga was chaos. I owned a website development company back in the days of the web’s wild west. In 1996 I was 26 – making a lot of money, drinking at happy hour every day, and quick to lose my temper. When the movie Devil wears Prada was released, I recognized a little […]

Reflexology in Frederick, MD: Hands On Healing

To schedule an appointment with Jill Lee, call 301-305-6454. She is located downtown Frederick a few blocks away from the Frederick Meditation Center. Reflexology has long been used in many cultures as a way to improve health, relieve stress and ease symptoms associated with many diseases. Practitioners use an acupressure like method on specific areas […]

Holiday Stress Tips

Stress is often a byproduct of rehearsing or rehashing. Though Halloween has just come and gone, so many of us are planning for a “stressful holiday season.” If you are in this tribe, take a moment to ask yourself, do the holidays have to be stressful? Sure, challenges will arise – as they do any […]

Take Two Steps Back

You know the old adage “three steps forward, two steps back?” It implies defeat, at least temporarily. I don’t know about you, but when I speak these words I feel my head hang low, my energy drop, and a sense of “stuckness” begins to permeate the task at hand – whatever that may be. When […]

New Year’s Resolution: Before you change, honor who you already are.

This is the time of year when I get busy. The changing of the year inspires us all to consider the possibility of changing ourselves, but first I would like to invite you to take a moment to honor all that you already are. Here are a couple of tips: Make a list of things […]