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Some provide from the little they have, Others who are affluent don’t like to give.
An offering given from what little one has Is worth a thousand times its value.
– Samyutta Nikaya 1.32

The practice of giving, or dana in Pali, has a pre-eminent place in the teachings of the Buddha. He taught a progressive series of practices that provided the framework for the alleviation of suffering. He always began with the importance and benefits of the practice of generosity. Based on this foundation, he proceeded to the practices of ethics and then the practices of calming the mind and the insight practices. Following this path ultimately lead to enlightenment. The Buddha often instructed the awakened ones to go out to benefit others, to be of service as an true act of generosity. The Buddhist path begins and ends with the virtue of generosity.

Dana refers to the act of giving and to the donation itself. An act of generosity entails giving more than is required, customary, or expected relative to one’s resources and circumstances. It involves relinquishment of stinginess, clinging and greed. Generosity entails relinquishing some aspects of one’s self-interest and relies on the attitude with which it is given. A small donation that stretches a person of little means is considered of greater spiritual consequence than a large but personally insignificant donation from a wealthy person.

We are generous because it brings us joy, and because it satisfies the heart.

The Frederick Meditation Center relies on financial contributions from people like you. You provide a chance for everyone — regardless of financial means — to benefit from our meditation training and community.

Teachers of our drop-in classes are not paid a set wage. They rely on you for support. In turn, the Frederick Meditation Center relies on our teachers for donations back to the center.

Your combined generosity pays our operating expenses.  For less than a meal out, you will receive and give to others valuable teachings that will last a lifetime!

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