About the Frederick Meditation Center

For the past 6 years, the Frederick Meditation Center (FMC) had been located in the heart of downtown Frederick, Maryland. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we shut down our physical space and now exist virtually via Zoom.

On July 1, 2020, the Frederick Meditation Center came under the direction of Ray Manyoky as the new owner.

Our FMC founder, Heather Stang — author of Mindfulness & Grief, mindfulness meditation instructor and certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practitioner — will continue to offer Phoenix Rising Yoga and her Awaken Meditation & Grief Coaching Group.


Healing Ourselves

Building Community

Healing the World



The Frederick Meditation Center (FMC) is committed to help deepen individual practice and grow spiritual community, or sangha. We believe that in order to heal the world, we must begin by healing ourselves. We offer meditation classes and workshops designed to help cultivate kindness and compassion, peace and joy.



FMC is guided by the basic Buddhist principles. The principles that are the foundation of our community are: mindfulness, patience, kindness, trust, ethical conduct, non-harming, non-grasping, and wise attention. We welcome anyone who seeks dharma instruction and the company of the sangha (community).

Participants do not have to be Buddhist in order to experience the benefit of these principles. In all matters — instruction, administration, and social conduct — we hold respect for each community member as a fellow traveler on the path of practice.

We support the teaching and continuing practice of Vipassana (also known as Insight Meditation). The teachings are for any person who seeks freedom from suffering, and the chance to cultivate an open mind, an open heart.

Please note: Do not worry if you are new to meditation. FMC members were new once, too. We take the time to make you feel welcome and safe.



Our mission is to come together in harmony, to help cultivate a community of awakened hearts and minds.

With mutual respect for all beings, our intention is to create an environment where we can learn to cultivate and embody kindness, compassion, and joy. Then, collectively, we turn towards both the beautiful and the difficult aspects of our lives, and discover ways to find connections, balance, and love.

Although we must practice in isolation during this pandemic, we can continue together to cultivate community.



FMC  is a spiritual sanctuary and refuge for all.

We celebrate diversity, inclusivity for all beings.

We value and respect the inherent dignity of all people and reaffirm these 2,600 year-old Buddhist values in the face of cultures of violence and harm that threaten life on this planet and impact oppressed, exploited and marginalized peoples.

Note: Frederick Meditation Center is guided by the mission and vision of other meditation centers such as Insight Meditation Community of Washington (IMCW), Insight Meditation Society (IMS) and Spirit Rock.  We draw upon their wisdom as a guiding path for our small community of practitioners.