Holiday Stress Tips

Stress is often a byproduct of rehearsing or rehashing. Though Halloween has just come and gone, so many of us are planning for a “stressful holiday season.” If you are in this tribe, take a moment to ask yourself, do the holidays have to be stressful? Sure, challenges will arise – as they do any time of the year – though amplified with high hopes and expectations. The key is  to manage the stress that arises.

Rather than letting the ghost of holidays past and future haunt your precious mind, take control and live in the present! It will be the best gift you can give yourself and those around you. Here are a few holiday stress tips to help you savor the season.

Holiday Stress Tips

  • Get curious about habituated phrases. These can be holiday specific, such as “the holidays are so stressful,” or more generic in nature. Watch our for “I should,” “I have to,” and “I need to,” and consider substituting “I get to” or just saying “No!” – in a kind and loving way, of course.
  • Tend to your physical body to reduce the intensity of your stress response, as well as tune into the stress signals your body is sending you so you can take healthy action. Practice relaxation techniques, drink lots of water, and try to get some sleep!
  • Celebrate the intention of the holidays – focusing on gratitude rather than gettitude (ok, I made that one up). Start your day with a daily gratitude list, or practice the metta compassion & lovingkindness meditation.

Mindfulness & Holiday Stress

Mindfulness practice can help you get to know your own mind-habits better, so you can respond rather than react to stress. It is a lot easier than you think – just like anything else you have to decide you want to learn. Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can. As a former stress addict, I am here to tell you that life on the other side is way better than you can imagine!

Join me for a special “Holiday Stress Prevention” Edition of the 4-week Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation class. It will not only get you through the holidays, but will empower you to live more fully all year long!

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