The Buddhists Are Coming!

When I was naming the Frederick Meditation Center, I wanted to pick a name that was really clear. No Sanskrit, no symbolism – just call it like it is. The Frederick Meditation Center. Simple, right? I bought the domain name. I put up a web site. Logo, business cards, the usual collateral.

And then the thoughts began.

“What about the Tibetan Meditation Center up on the hill?” “Isn’t your name awfully close to theirs?” “What if you offend them?”

This thought latched on like a dog with a rawhide. Years of experience as a web designer – familiar with domain name disputes and intellectual property battles – came flooding back to me. Worry. Rumination. Should change the name?

These old seeds that were planted in the late 1990’s wanted to sprout, but after some reality testing and mindful inquiry, I finally realized this was just old stuff I needed to let go. That is the beauty of mindfulness – it teaches you to take a step back, and then choose how to move forward. I forgot all about this concern

Until they called.

They – as in the Buddhists up on the hill.

And what did they want? To sue me? To file a cease and desist? No – not that at all.

Michael, the wonderful emissary for the Tibetan Meditation Center, asked if they could come and see the Frederick Meditation Center, in the hopes of bringing Buddhist teachings into downtown Frederick. The first class of the 8 week Intro to Buddhism starts on January 11, 2014. The class will be held from noon to 1:30pm, and is offered for a suggested donation of just $10.

I love it when things like this happen. Don’t you?

Learn more about the Intro to Buddhism class at the Frederick Meditation Center >>

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