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Equanimity & Distractions While Meditating

Equanimity & Distractions While Meditating equanimity

Whenever I search for a photo that accurately depicts equanimity and the art of mindfulness meditation, I come up short. Stock photo libraries are full of images featuring blissed out models meditating on serene beaches and mountaintops. As an amateur photographer, I appreciate the beauty of these scenes. As a meditator, I know the images […]

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy: A Mind-Body Approach to Grief

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy: A Mind-Body Approach to Grief phoenix rising yoga therapy

Keith arrived for his first session just 18 days after his partner of 36 years died suddenly. As soon as he walked through the door for his first private Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session, he began to sob. I guided him to find a comfortable position lying down on my soft, comfortable mat, and covered […]

How Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Saved My Life: Confessions of a Former Stress-Addict

My life before yoga was chaos. I owned a website development company back in the days of the web’s wild west. In 1996 I was 26 – making a lot of money, drinking at happy hour every day, and quick to lose my temper. When the movie Devil wears Prada was released, I recognized a little […]

Holiday Stress Tips

Stress is often a byproduct of rehearsing or rehashing. Though Halloween has just come and gone, so many of us are planning for a “stressful holiday season.” If you are in this tribe, take a moment to ask yourself, do the holidays have to be stressful? Sure, challenges will arise – as they do any […]