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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy: A Mind-Body Approach to Grief

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy: A Mind-Body Approach to Grief phoenix rising yoga therapy

Keith arrived for his first session just 18 days after his partner of 36 years died suddenly. As soon as he walked through the door for his first private Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session, he began to sob. I guided him to find a comfortable position lying down on my soft, comfortable mat, and covered […]

How Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Saved My Life: Confessions of a Former Stress-Addict

My life before yoga was chaos. I owned a website development company back in the days of the web’s wild west. In 1996 I was 26 – making a lot of money, drinking at happy hour every day, and quick to lose my temper. When the movie Devil wears Prada was released, I recognized a little […]

Turn Your Stress Into Bliss with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a mind-body practice that helps release stress and tension in your body while calming your mind in a private  session. As a certified practitioner, I will guide on a meditative journey to help you clarify your goals and make lasting life changes. Gentle hands-on stretching will help you get out […]

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

A bridge from body to soul… Guided meditation, gentle, restorative stretching, breath-work and compassionate dialogue are combined in this relaxing healing art based on the ancient science of yoga and contemporary body-mind psychology. This is not your usual yoga class – it is performed one-on-one – and each session is customized just for you. The […]

Transformative Yoga: A Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Testimonial

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy has been a wonderful stress-buster for me.  I wasn’t really sure what it was when I first discovered it – I was actually looking for a yoga instructor, thinking I wanted to take a beginning yoga class.  But I was interested in working in a one-on-one setting, and when I came […]