About Your Donation (dana)

Many drop-in classes at the Frederick Meditation Center are offered in exchange for dana, the pali word for generosity, giving, or donation. Accepting dana in lieu of a fixed fee allows the student to experience the joy of being generous, and the teacher the freedom to offer these teachings to all people regardless of financial means.

Donate To Your Teacher Here 

Teachers of donation-based classes are not paid a wage, but instead rely on donations from students for support.  Teachers in turn offer a donation to the Frederick Mediation Center to help cover expenses. For less than a meal out, you can receive valuable teachings that will last a lifetime. Suggested donations for a one hour class is as follows:

$25 Benefactor
$15 Sustainer
$10 Scholarship

If you can not pay to attend you are still welcome! Benefactors who are able to offer a generous donation are also anonymously supporting fellow students who are not able to pay for these teachings, but who wish to make lasting change. Sustainers help cover center expenses.. Scholarship donations also support the center, but are more affordable as they are underwritten by Benefactors. In this way we create a peaceful community together!

Anonymous donations ensure everyone has the freedom to do what is best for them without judgement. Donations are made via the donation basket or box at the entrance to the meditation studio, and we rely on the honor system.  If you need change, just ask!

Most programs with a fixed fee – such as our daylong retreats and introductory classes – are also made available on a sliding scale or scholarship basis. Simply contact the teacher of the course to request a fee reduction or waiver.