I Could Have Been an Anteater

The Book of Awakening
The Book of Awakening

The first entry in The Book of Awakening (May 2011’s Healing Book Club Selection), is entitled “Precious Human Birth.” It invites us to wake up to the preciousness of being human, and how lucky we are to be here “as individual spirits filled with consciousness, drinking water and chopping wood.”

It can be very easy to forget in the midst of our daily lives just how lucky we are that we have been born human. We get to make choices. We get to appreciate the sights of spring. Even the pain we feel during loss can be a reminder of just how lucky were were to be given to be given the chance to love.

The author reminds us:

“You could have been an ant. I could have been an anteater.”

Today we are human. What shall we do with this one precious life?

Jai, Heather

P.S.  I am assuming only humans are reading this. If you are indeed an ant, accept my apologies.

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