Mindfulness & Relaxation: How To Find Your Bliss

Mindfulness & Relaxation: How To Find Your Bliss

Mindfulness & Relaxation: How To Find Your Bliss

In my decade plus years of teaching mindfulness, I have never picked up the phone and had anyone say “I want to learn how to practice mindfulness because I want to cultivate a calm and open attitude to the present moment when I am feeling at my wit’s end.” No – most people call because

The Buddhists Are Coming!

When I was naming the Frederick Meditation Center, I wanted to pick a name that was really clear. No Sanskrit, no symbolism – just call it like it is. The Frederick Meditation Center. Simple, right? I bought the domain name. I put up a web site. Logo, business cards, the usual collateral. And then the

Reflexology in Frederick, MD: Hands On Healing

To schedule an appointment with Jill Lee, call 301-305-6454. She is located downtown Frederick a few blocks away from the Frederick Meditation Center. Reflexology has long been used in many cultures as a way to improve health, relieve stress and ease symptoms associated with many diseases. Practitioners use an acupressure like method on specific areas

Holiday Stress Tips

Stress is often a byproduct of rehearsing or rehashing. Though Halloween has just come and gone, so many of us are planning for a “stressful holiday season.” If you are in this tribe, take a moment to ask yourself, do the holidays have to be stressful? Sure, challenges will arise – as they do any

I Could Have Been an Anteater

The first entry in The Book of Awakening (May's Healing Book Club Selection), is entitled "Precious Human Birth." It invites us to wake up to the preciousness of being human, and how lucky we are to be here "as individual spirits filled with consciousness, drinking water and chopping wood."

Take Two Steps Back

You know the old adage “three steps forward, two steps back?” It implies defeat, at least temporarily. I don’t know about you, but when I speak these words I feel my head hang low, my energy drop, and a sense of “stuckness” begins to permeate the task at hand – whatever that may be. When

Virtual Meditation Bells

This week a meditation group member asked a good question: “Who is going to ring the bell when I practice alone?” After all worrying about the time is yet another distraction, and while we do learn to work with those in practice, it is nice to set the sit up for success! Fortunately technology is