Beat the Heat with Yoga & Meditation

The weather, much like many things in life, is something that none of us have control over, and yet many of us spend time complaining about it, or wishing it were other than it is. Yoga and meditation may help you work with the heat. Here are some ideas!

  • If you are without AC, do “hot yoga” in your living room! Skip the aerobics, and try gentle, slow stretches. Be sure to breathe!
  • Replace complaints about the heat with a moment of mindfulness. Get curious – what does “heat” really feel like on your body? How does your mind respond?
  • Close your eyes and imagine walking along or laying on the beach – heat isn’t so bad in tropical locals, is it? If that doesn’t work, Think Snow!
  • Use the heat as a reminder to drink lots and lots of water and juice!

Jai, Heather

Heather Stang
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