5 Reasons You Can’t Meditate

  1. My mind won’t slow down.
  2. I have never done it before.
  3. My thoughts are disturbing/cause me anxiety.
  4. I don’t have the time.
  5. I tried it once, and I know I am bad at it.

These are some of the many reasons people tell me they can’t meditate. And yet, they are great reasons why you should meditate!

If you have never “sat” before, feel your mind won’t slow down, or feel it is impossible for you to just be still, this group is for you. Because guess what? We all have “monkey minds” at some point, even those who have practiced for years. There are no “bad” meditators!

With practice, you will find that stillness will happen. In fact, scientific research shows it only takes 10 minutes twice a day to shift your biology to reduce stress. You will begin to notice a change in your mood, perceptions, and quality of life. People will even enjoy being around you! (I have heard this first-hand from my friends and family).

If you have trouble sitting on your own, and can’t fight the urge to jump up and check the e-mail, join me during a weekly meditation group. You will find people just like yourself, and the support you need to bring this priceless practice into your life!

It is easier than you may imagine, and remember – meditation is not what you think!

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