If you have tension in your neck and shoulders…

Stressed out at work
Does this look like you at work? If so, you may need a good neck stretch!

…. then you are not alone. I have not done any scientific research, but I would estimate that about 80% of my private Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy clients report carrying their stress in their neck and/or shoulders. Many people feel this is a life sentence, but I am here to tell you that help is only 60 minutes away!

One of the techniques offered in a private session is the “body scan,” a guided tour of your body that will give you more information about how your body is “holding” itself. That new awareness, coupled with gentle supported stretching from your truly, is the first step to releasing this deeply held tension. After all you can’t change the people around you (the ones that may be causing the stress!), but you can tend to your body so that it becomes your ally in finding peace in most every moment.

Imagine no longer feeling like you are carrying a heavy burden on your back! Sound too good to be true? Come try a session for yourself. If you don’t feel better, I won’t charge you. After all, stress management should be stress free!

By the way, 90% of my clients have NEVER done yoga before, so don’t let that stop you! This practice is for EVERY BODY!

Call me (240-446-3030). Lets get those shoulders loosened up.

See you on my soft, fluffy mat…

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