Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

A bridge from body to soul…

Guided meditation, gentle, restorative stretching, breath-work and compassionate dialogue are combined in this relaxing healing art based on the ancient science of yoga and contemporary body-mind psychology.

This is not your usual yoga class – it is performed one-on-one – and each session is customized just for you. The session begins with a centering meditation that will help you transition from the day’s activities into a more introspective state. Next, your practitioner will support you in gentle stretching, restorative postures, and give you a chance to speak and be heard, so you can explore your body sensations and emotions as they arise. The final part of the session includes a special meditation where you will be invited to reflect on how what you noticed during the session may impact your life, and create a plan to bring more of what you want into your life. Past clients have reported a deeper sense of well-being, more balance and clarity, easier breath, and feelings of peace, compassion, and ease at the end of a session.

Imagine a time where you have nowhere to go and nothing to do other than release tension and receive your body’s wisdom. You do not need any previous yoga or fitness experience, and you do not need to be flexible. Schedule your appointment today and begin to turn your stress into bliss!

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