Yoga & Allergies

I have the sniffles. It is ragweed time, and while I am not as “puny” (to borrow a word from my southern grandmother) as I have been during previous allergy seasons, my breathing is decidedly challenged.

A few of my clients this week were also reporting feeling sinus pressure. If you are suffering, here are some tips from Yoga Journal. Yoga does help, but your practice may need to be modified for your current condition:

  • Practice in a smooth calm way, avoiding yoga where there is heat, such as Bikram or Ashtanga.
  • Avoid forceful breathwork. Instead let your breath be relaxed and easy, and focus on longer exhales.
  • Increase standing poses, back bends, forward folds and twists to open up the lungs and massage the spine.

Most importantly, listen to your body and practice mindfully. Read the original article from Yoga Journal online, and keep your respiratory system happy and healthy through this allergy season!

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