Download MP3s

Maybe you love yoga & meditation, and want to take them on the road while you travel, or maybe you just aren’t sure if this is the right modality for you and want to give it an audio try. Either way, the following downloads are similar to what you may experience in a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session, of course without the hands on body work! These tracks will help you access your inner wisdom and guidance.

Centering & Goal Setting ($.99 – 9.3 mb) 

Begin your day or your practice by centering your awareness on your breath, body and emotions. Setting an intention will allow you to move through your day with purpose and focus.

Body Scan/Guided Relaxation ($.99 – 13 mb)

Befriend your body by taking a non-judgmental journey part by part. Like drops of water in the ocean, your body contains many individual elements that come together to create the whole.

Integration Meditation ($.99 – 8.5 mb)

Reflect on your day or your practice and integrate your experience with your life. Access your own inner wisdom to create your action steps for change.

While these tracks are available for private use, they are copyrighted and not in the public domain. Tracks are written and performed by Heather K. Whittington. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is created by Micheal Lee. The process is Copyright by Michael Lee and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. All rights reserved.