How To Reduce Stress

If stress is a brewing storm, your body is a barometer. We have all experienced body tension and a short temper as a reaction to stress. Tense shoulders and neck. Clinched fists. Tight jaw. Sound familiar?

Don’t get mad at your body – it is just trying to send you a message – “Make it Stop!” Sure, you can’t stop the stress from coming, but you can change how you manage the stress when it happens. And its a lot easier than you think.

Relaxation literally shrinks your stress!

Research shows that a small dose of meditation a day shrinks the part of your brain that houses stress. It also expands the part of your brain that is responsible for self-awareness and compassion.

There are many kinds of meditation. Guided meditation, visualization, progressive muscle relaxation, and yoga are a few.

I work with a combination of techniques to help you learn how to reduce stress and deal with the main causes of stress: the environment, workplace stress, social and economic troubles, physiological stress and disruptive thought patterns.

It works because nature made it so.

It is time to stop feeling bad and start living your life to the fullest. You already have what it takes inside. It is a scientific fact.

It’s like a rest period for grown ups.

In just one relaxation session you will feel calmer and more at ease – guaranteed. If you don’t feel better at the end of your first session, you don’t have to pay. No questions asked.

There is nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Well, maybe you will lose some stress, but I bet you won’t miss it a bit!

  • You don’t need any experience with yoga or meditation.
  • You don’t need to be flexible.
  • You don’t need to be calm.
  • You don’t need to already know how to reduce stress.
  • Just be yourself, and be ready to let go of your stress.

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It is not only close, it’s easier than you could ever imagine…