FAQs – Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

How is this different from a regular yoga class?

You will learn how to “be” yoga rather than “do” yoga! You will get to lay on a fluffy mat while I gently move and stretch you into positions based on your own goals and body. We begin where you are. This is about creating lasting change in your body-mind, not turning you into a pretzel (although you may discover your body and mind are more flexible than you imagined).

Who is it for?

If you experience stress, anxiety, depression or grief, or perhaps you would like more focus and clarity around your personal goals, this may be just what you need to become unstuck. Perhaps you are considering taking a yoga class for the first time, but would like some background before entering a group class. Or maybe you are a yoga practitioner already, and experience emotion welling up during your practice. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy can help you explore deeply held emotions, and integrate what is happening in your body with your life.

Do I need to be flexible, or practice yoga?

Not at all. In fact, many of my first time clients have no previous exposure to yoga or meditation. The stretches are slow and gentle, and you will be safely moved within your range of motion.

What can I expect from a session?

Guided meditation and breathing begin each session, allowing you the opportunity to let daily chatter to slip away into the background. You will be safely supported and stretched through yoga-based postures that are carefully selected based on what is happening in your body and in your life. Your mind will attune to sensations, thoughts and feelings, while you experience a quiet space to reflect on your life situation and set an intention that works for you. You will discover how you can apply your inner wisdom to your daily life, and move forward with your goals. Sessions are one or one and a half hours, and are performed with the client fully clothed.

How often should I come?

This work is very powerful, so chances are you will experience benefits from only one session. Six weekly sessions are recommended, however, to continue the momentum of your growth. Each session you will receive one, small, “baby step” to take with you into your life. Imagine what just one or two months, or even a year of small changes could look like!

Whether you choose weekly, monthly, or simply check in for a session every now and again, you will appreciate the effects a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session has on your body, mind and life.