Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy for Grief

There are many ways that a one-on-one Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session may help. Physically, many bereaved persons experience somatic symptoms that may be tempered by periods of relaxation. Your body is undergoing extreme stress, and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy may help your body move back towards health and homeostasis. You will also be able to speak and be heard, and the non-judgmental, compassionate presence of your practitioner will help you connect with your own inner wisdom, rather that conform to a set of “shoulds” or follow an imaginary “grief timeline.”

Using a combination of assisted stretches and compassionate dialogue, you will be given the opportunity to get out of your head and into your body. Focusing on your breath will help you connect to the present, and find the respite you long for.

Right now it may seem impossible to imagine life after loss, but just like the Phoenix rises from the flame, you too can rise again. This does not mean that you will forget the one you love, or “get over” your loss. Grief takes time. What it does mean is that you can do more than survive – you can heal your body, and you can heal your self.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a holistic healing art based on the ancient science of Yoga combined with elements of contemporary body-mind psychology. This is not a yoga class or talk therapy, but a specialized body-mind modality that uses non-directive dialogue, breathing and gentle stretching at your own pace to help you experience present moment awareness, growth and healing. Every session is customized to meet you wherever you are on your grief journey.