The Spirit of the Artist: A One-Night Workshop

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Reserve Your Space!

$40 Benefactor; $30 Sustainer; $10 Scholarship; $5 Student

Please bring your own preferred art supplies (pens, pencils, paper, canvas, paints, etc.) if you have them; there will be only limited supplies provided.

Art and creativity have long been synonymous with spiritual pursuit; the earliest human art was almost certainly spiritual in nature, and creative people around the world to this day will report that art-making is an intensely meaning-full practice, both for artist and audience.

The artistic spirit is one of inherent intuition, playfulness, vulnerability, experimentation, and freedom. Each one of us contains that spirit, no matter how buried it might seem. And each one of us should feel empowered to let that spirit shine out into the world.

Are you an artist struggling to connect with your own wellspring of inspiration? Do you have artistic experience but find yourself sometimes staring at a blank canvas or paper unsure of what mark to make? Or perhaps you have never made a piece of art in your life, but have a deep sense of creative potential lurking inside you? Maybe you’ve always wanted to commune with the muse but don’t know where or how to start the conversation?

If any of the above resonates with you, please join instructor Sam Cooper for an evening of mindful art practice at Frederick Meditation Center.

At this one-night workshop, you will learn how to use the lessons of insight practice to more deeply access your intuitive senses of creativity and confidence.  After a group meditation, you will embark on a fun, fast-paced, mindful art-making experience designed to unleash the artist’s spirit within you. With both art technique and mindfulness tips throughout, you can learn what uniquely inspires you, how to tear down creative blockages, and just how much originality you contain.

All skill levels are encouraged to attend!

Experienced artists can sharpen their observational capabilities and discover the root of their vision. Complete beginners can expect an introduction to the profound fun and benefit of artistic expression. And any level of meditation proficiency is welcome as well; the group sit will be guided.

About Sam Cooper

Sam Cooper has been making art all his life. A voracious childhood doodler, he later trained in fine art oil painting as a teenager and young adult, culminating in a solo exhibition at the Yellow Barn Gallery right after high school. High school was also when Buddhism first found him, at the Tibetan temple outside his hometown of Poolesville, MD.

In college, he studied metal plate printmaking as well as Zen–his first introduction to formal meditation. In the years since, he has worked professionally as a graphic designer in the publishing sector and rock music scene, and has transitioned to practicing insight meditation.

He also is an active musician and songwriter, and makes meditation-inspired drawings and paintings. Seeing creativity as one of the most beautiful fruits of mindfulness, Sam enjoys sharing his love for both with the artistically and insightfully inclined!