Retreat FAQs

Meditation Retreat Frequently Asked Questions

Several daylong retreats are offered throughout the year.


Retreats are held at The Frederick Meditation Center, and walking meditation takes place in scenic Baker Park, adjacent to the Center. If you are a yoga studio or healing center that would like to host a day-long Healing Retreat in your space, please contact Heather for more information.


Retreats are held on Sundays (see schedule), and last from 9:30 to 4:30. Registration runs from 9:00 to 9:30. Breakfast and set up time last through 9:45.


A light breakfast is provided, and participants bring their own bagged lunch. Water and tea are provided, and are available all day.

Social Silence:

Still Voices Meditation Retreat and Gentle Heart Forgiveness Retreat are silent retreats. The Healing Retreat and Joyful Heart Retreat do incorporate periods of social silence so that participants may focus their awareness inward, but also have periods of group sharing and discussion.

What to bring and wear:

Dress in loose, comfortable clothing with layers, and bring comfortable shoes for walking meditation in Baker Park. You may wish to have a jacket, and other comforts such as sunscreen, hats, gloves etc. depending on the weather.

Journals, pens, & pencils are good to have, however pads of paper are available if you do not have one.

Bring a mat or blanket to lay on, and another blanket to cover yourself during deep relaxation. Some people like to bring pillows as well. Yoga mats are not required, but are nice to have.


Retreats cost $95, but the benefits are priceless. Refunds may be provided up to two weeks prior to the event.

If you are unable to make the retreat you have registered for, and notify the venue at least 24 hours in advance, you will receive a credit towards a private Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session or a future retreat.