Mindfulness Meditation with Heather Stang

Thursdays: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
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Please reserve your space in advance.
This class is offered by donation: $10 suggested.

This meditation group begins with a guided meditation period where you are invited to transition from the stress of day to day life into your body and awareness of your breath. You will then be given a period of silent meditation. A bell will sound when it is time to open your eyes.

After our meditation period each person is invited to share his or her experience from class. Some people choose to speak about the sit they just had, others may talk about an experience in their life where their meditation practice was supportive. You may always choose to pass and remain silent.

A Few Words About Meditation

The beauty about meditation is that all you have to do is pay attention with an attitude of openness. It doesn’t matter if you are aware of thoughts, feelings, sensations, or if you are sensing anger, joy, peace or frustration. All that matters is that you are aware you are aware, and that for this period of time you consider greeting it all with compassion rather than judging yourself for whatever arises.

In the book Radical Acceptance, Tara Brach talks about the two wings of mindfulness: Clear Seeing and Compassion. On one hand you are invited to view your experience with your eyes wide open. On the other you are asked to watch what you see with kindness.

The reality is that most of us will experience thinking, emotions, fantasy, sleepiness, hunger, etc. when we are sitting. This is normal. The practice of meditation is about noticing what you are feeling, noticing when you are distracted, and then gently bringing yourself back to the present moment by focusing on your breath, or sensations arising in your body, or sound, or whatever object you have chosen to anchor yourself to the present.

Some days its easy, some days its tough, but with practice you will begin to see the benefits of meditation. You may notice you are less reactive with difficult people in your life and work. Many people find that they are more kind to themselves and to others. You may find your relationships improve, or that your body feels healthier. Science has proven again and again that meditation is good for our health and reduces the physical harm caused by stress. (If you want to see me get really excited, ask me about the relaxation response when you come to class!)

Read my blog “The 5 Reasons You Can’t Meditate” for more information.

$10 suggested donation. You may drop in, or reserve your space by calling 240-446-3030  or Register Online.


This group is open to all levels: First time meditators are always welcome. Because each class begins with some guidance, you will be able to participate even if it is your first time.

Your space: Please feel free to bring your own blankets and cushions to sit on. We do provide blankets, and chairs are available. Please refrain from wearing strong scents and perfumes.

Arriving: Please be settled in and silent by the start time. If you are running late come anyway and practice mindfulness on the roads and don’t speed! Be safe, and enter the room gently.

Cancellation Policy: We will not have class if Frederick County Public Schools are closed or dismissed early due to weather. Every attempt will be made to update this web page with the status. Call 240-397-8080 with questions.

Cost: In the tradition of making these teachings available to all, there is no set fee, however dana (which means generosity) is gratefully accepted to cover rent, overhead costs and to support the teacher ($10 suggested). Dana may be placed in the dana basket by the entrance to the room.

RSVP: Please reserve your space in advance.