Learn To Meditate

Anyone Can Learn To Meditate – Especially You

Thinking is part of the human experience. Our brains are designed to scan for threats and opportunities, and it is actually unusual for us to not have thoughts. Learning to meditate is not about clearing your mind completely – it is about learning to stay in the present moment when a thought or other sensory experience shows up, and beginning again when you do get distracted.

Believe it or not, this is a doable task. Just like at one point in your life you did not know how to read, or write, or drive, at this point in your life you don’t know how to meditate. But you will.

Learning to meditate is a life-changing experience, and yet it is easier than most people think. Many of us have been told by our friends, family, or a concerned medical or mental health professional that we need to learn to meditate if we want to live a healthy and happy life.

Some of us come to the decision on our own in a very personal way. Some of us are seeking peace and liberation. Some of us just want to keep from going stark raving mad.

Whatever your reason is for seeking out meditation training, I want you to know that you have come to the right place. The Frederick Meditation Center offers three types of meditation instruction to help you on your journey.

Drop-In Meditation Groups

One type of instruction is through our weekly drop-in meditation groups. The Thursday Night Meditation Group is open to new and experienced meditators. It is offered by donation ($10 suggested). If you are new to the meditation, I assure you that you will feel welcome and supported.

If it is your first visit, try to arrive a few minutes early and we will show you around the center and help you choose how to sit. We have chairs, cushions and blankets for you to use, and do not require that you sit on the floor.

Each week the class begins with a guided 20 – 30 minute meditation, which also includes a period of silence so you can practice the technique. This is followed by an open discussion where each member is invited – but not required – to share their meditation experience, ask questions, and get to know one another.

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Four Week Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Course

This course is often several times throughout the year. It provides a solid foundation for beginning meditation students, and includes handouts, home practice instruction, and is supported by Heather Stang’s recorded guided meditations. While this class can help you transition into a weekly drop-in group, it is not required to participate in any other Frederick Meditation Center activity.

The next Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Course will be offered in August 2015.

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Private Meditation Instruction

Private meditation instruction is also available by appointment with Heather Stang, mindfulness meditation instructor, founder of the Frederick Meditation Center, and author of Mindfulness & Grief. Heather will work with you to develop a meditation practice that will support your intention and goals. This is offered by donation so that the teachings may be available to all ($30/half hour suggested).

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We Are Here to Support You

I was once a stressed out business owner. I wasn’t as nice as I am now, that’s for sure. I put so much pressure on myself that my body rebelled, and I was diagnosed with shingles. My nurse practitioner told me to try yoga, which eventually led me to meditation.

Just like my teachers supported me, I am here to support you. Every teacher at the Frederick Meditation Center is a human being, too. We all understand that it is our shared basic desire to be happy, at peace, and free from suffering. This is why we have created a relaxed and friendly environment where we can all gather and take the next step towards being peace.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Heather Stang, MA
Founder, Frederick Meditation Center