Why are the Ten Perfections Important: 

The teachings say that cultivating the ten perfections help us bring the path of awakening and well being to all aspects of our everyday life. 

Session Format or What to Expect: 

  • Each session will begin with a lightly guided meditation that highlights a current paramita, followed by a brief talk and then break out discussion groups with questions and/or exercises.

  • Listening or reading is encouraged, but you are welcome to join even if you have not been able to self study.

  • Between sessions, we are invited to practice and refine these actions in our daily life while also being curious about what supports or blocks their cultivation.


Resources we will use for our study

Audio recordings by teacher Gil Fronsdal Link: https://audiodharma.org/talks/?search=paramis

Selected readings from: Parami, Ways to Cross Life’s Floods, Ajahn SucittoAvailable as a free, pdf download book.

Zoom Information

Join with this Zoom Link or you can use Meeting ID=825 1744 5546 and Passcode: 680201.