Friday Evening Heart Practice Meditation


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About This Group

Are you stressed and tense from a long work week? Would you like to learn to “let go” of this stress? Would you like to be more relaxed heading into the weekend?

The intention of this group is to explore the Buddhist Heart Practices, also called the Four Immeasurables or the Brahma-viharas. These mindfulness practices of loving-kindness, compassion, appreciative joy, and equanimity represent the most beautiful and hopeful aspects of our human nature by transforming the turbulent heart into a calm refuge of focused awareness. They protect the mind from falling into habitual patterns of reactivity and help keep us in balance. They awaken powerful healing energies, which brighten and lift the heart and mind to increasing levels of clarity. As a result, these boundless heart qualities can be truly centering and transformative.

Vipassana or Insight Mediation cultivates two wings of the practice:

Wisdom and Compassion. Wisdom is the concentration we develop to see clearly, to see what truly exists. This class will focus on strengthening the wing of Compassion through the Heart Practices.


What You Can Expect

  • Welcome
  • 3 Word Check-In: What is alive for you right now?
  • 30 minute guided meditation
  • Check-in/discussion
  • Short Dharmette Talk
  • Closing reflective meditation


How To Join This Class

This class is offered via Zoom. Please use this link to join.

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About Your Instructor

I began meditating in 2015 as a way to alleviate my depression and anxiety. Meditation, the Dharma and the Sangha have become foundations of my life. Mindfulness has taught me how to slow down, to not hold things too tight or too loose, and to truly be in-tune with my body. The ability to have present moment awareness, wisdom, compassion, and the courage to hold these felt-sense feelings can be transformational and liberating. Learn More About Ray Manyoky….

Friday, December 23, 2022
6:45 pm — 7:45 pm (1h)


Ray Manyoky

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