Setting the Compass of Our Lives – Working with Conscious Intentions

“Everything rests on the tips of intention.” 

— Tibetan proverb

“Intentions put into words enfold magical power.”

— Deepak Chopra

About This Workshop

Intentions shape our inner and outer worlds.  Many of our actions flow from our intentions. Yet, we are often unaware of our underlying intentions and how they influence our lives.  We also miss out on the transformative potential of naming our intentions and holding them in our conscious minds.

Our long-term intentions set the compass of our lives.  Consciously setting a life’s intention—whether it’s to live with an open heart, to deepen connections, or to love yourself just you are–is the first step to leading a fuller and more meaningful life.

The intentions we set for this week, this month or for the next year help steer our lives in the direction of our life’s aspiration.

What You Can Expect

In this workshop we’ll explore

  • What we value most

  • The power of naming our intentions

  • The radical difference between intentions and goals

  • A framework for living an intentional life in a holistic way

This Class will be offered via Zoom only. Zoom instructions will be provided after registration.

This Class is Offered by Donation

Donations support dana for Michael and the Frederick Meditation Center.

Teachers of donation-based classes are not paid a wage, but instead rely on donations for support.  Teachers in turn offer a donation to the Frederick Mediation Center. For less than a meal out, you can receive valuable teachings that will last a lifetime!

No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Suggested Donation: $30 Benefactor, $25 Sustainer, $15 Student/Scholarship.

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Join a 30-Day Intentions Sangha

For those who feel called to further practice, I’ll be hosting a 30-day intention sangha including online gatherings and daily group support.  I’ve been part of a number of intention groups; many have found it to be an elemental and powerful practice.  I hope you’ll join!

Saturday, February 6, 2021
12:00 pm — 3:00 pm (3h)


Michael Cohen

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