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Frederick Meditation Center

Meditation for Stress Management: Thursdays at 7pm

Welcome to the Frederick Meditation Center!

The Frederick Meditation Center offers drop-in meditation groups, private meditation instruction and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, all with the goal of reducing stress and increasing the quality of your life! We welcome beginning and experienced mediators, and offer donation based drop-in classes so everyone can benefit from these ancient teachings that are proven to reduce stress by modern science.

New To Meditation? It’s Easier Than You Think!

There are a lot of myths surrounding meditation – including that you must “turn off” your brain or stop thinking – a nearly impossible act for most human beings! In reality, meditation can be compared to learning any other kind of new skill, be it weight training or how to prepare a healthy meal. Anyone can learn if they are willing to invest a little bit of time, and the benefits can last a lifetime.

Meditation is not about mastering overly complicated brain gymnastics. You don’t have to try to erase your thoughts or figure out the meaning to life. All you have to do is try to focus your attention for a brief period of time – often on your breath. The keyword here is try. You will get distracted. You will lose focus. And then you just start again. No penalty – no punishment. It is simply the practice of bringing yourself back to that object of focus again and again that fortifies you with the antidote to stress.

Meditation for Stress Management

If you are like most people, you are over stressed. Work stress, family stress, health stress, not to mention money stress. Added together, too much stress results in chronic health problems and a negative outlook on life. Which guess what? Creates more stress!

Fortunately your body is equipped with the ability to reverse the harmful effects of stress. You do not need to have any special beliefs or skills to access it. All you need is your breath, your body, and a few minutes a day to benefit from its power. It is called meditation.

Meditation strengthens your brain so you begin to respond to stressful triggers rather than react. With the right support and regular practice, you may surprise yourself with how quickly you are able to find calm in the storm.

As the saying goes, you can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf. (Note: as a novice surfer I must admit that meditation is even easier than riding a board!)

So my advice to you is this: you do not need to show up to meditation calm or relaxed, or be anything other than what you are. The practice of meditation can help you reduce stress, anxiety, and a myriad of physical ailments.

It can even help you reduce negative self-talk and deepen your compassion for others. You don’t need to have any particular spiritual belief – you only need to have the desire to connect to the present moment. I hope you will join me for a drop-in meditation group, or show up for a private Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Session.

6 million Americans have been prescribed meditation by their physician…

Anxiety. Depression. Headaches. Heart disease. High blood pressure. There is no question that too much stress can kill, however scientific research has proven time and again that meditation heals your body and calms your mind.

After 8 weeks of daily practice your body will function better than it did before you began meditating. Harvard says so.

The good news is that you don’t need a note from your doctor to begin enjoying the benefits of meditation. Best of all is there are no negative side effects. Just bliss.

Meditation is easier than you think. If you can breathe, you can meditate.