Partner Massage and Reflexology Workshop for Your Valentine

Partner Massage and Reflexology
Workshop for Your Valentine

Frederick Meditation Center
Saturday, February 7, 2015


Nurture the one you love with the power of healing touch in this partner yoga & reflexology experience, perfect for couples, friends and family.

Facilitated by Lara Blackin, e-ryt500 Professional Yoga Educator + Certified Reflexologist

Reflexology Workshop

Or Call Lara: 443-714-6168
$100 per couple*

Treat Your Senses

By candlelight, Lara will show you how to apply touch and pressure to help each other unwind and deeply relax.  You will also guide each other through gentle stretches, partner yoga postures and reflexology techniques to help soothe aching muscles and release tension from head to toe.  You’ll find that giving and receiving bodywork promotes compassion, mindfulness, and a deeper connection to each other and one’s own Self.

What is Pranassage?

Pranassage is a unique and creative blend of yoga and bodywork that induces a deep state of relaxation. Through a flow of gentle poses and stretches, using touch and pressure, Pranassage exaggerates the weight of gravity and invites a heightened awareness of sensation in the body. By moving your partner like a marionette, Pranassage allows the pleasure of receiving the gifts of Yoga while being completely relaxed. Equally suitable for experienced yogis, looking to move deeper into their practice and reawaken the feeling of presence in the body, as it is for someone completely unfamiliar with yoga.  You do not have to practice yoga to be able to experience this nurturing, loving support and healing touch.

 What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is the ancient scientific art of manipulating and applying pressure to the feet, hands and ears in such a way as to create positive effects throughout the body.

* Please note:  To ensure that all students receive ample attention, this workshop attendance is capped at 12 couples.

 Please wear comfortable loose fitting clothing. Pants and long sleeved shirts are encouraged.