Mindfulness Meditation for Anxiety and Stress

Feb. 21 – Apr. 11
7:30-9:00 PM

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Course Tuition: $180 for all 8 Weeks

Each of us experience stress in one-way or another throughout our lives, and lately everyone is talking about the benefits of meditation in reducing this stress.  The question is, how can we use meditation to help deal with our daily stressors and why does it work?

John Kabat-Zinn developed the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program at the University of Massachusetts many years ago to investigate exactly that, and wrote a book to explain the results.  “Full Catastrophe Living” is not only a practical guide on how to meditate but also an extremely useful scientific resource on how and why meditation reduces stress.  By participating in this book study you will be able to investigate both sides of this puzzle in synchrony.

As a group we will practice the 8-week mindfulness curriculum outlined in the book, as well as discuss and learn about the latest scientific research on the inner workings of meditation in our bodies and minds.  A daily meditation schedule will be encouraged, and guided meditations in class as well as for at home will be provided.  While the readings will support you, it will not be necessary to purchase the book, or have read it before the class starts.  This is a 720pg book that covers a lot of topics, there will be very select readings for class that are most pertinent to meditation, stress, anxiety, and lifestyle.

This class is designed for anyone that would like to learn how to use meditation and mindfulness in their daily lives, as well as deepen their understanding of what mindfulness is and how it works.  Having an 8-week class with daily meditations will help establish a habit of meditating.  This leads to a strong home practice and confidence in your meditative ability to practice alone as well as in other groups and drop-in classes.

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Anthony Dominic Chielli

I am the meditation teacher at the James M. Stockman Cancer Institute’s Integrative Medicine Clinic.  Unlike a lot of the practitioners in the clinic I do my work donation based.  Working with my clients at the cancer center brings me a truly deep sense of compassion and gratitude.  I also teach a weekly drop in, here at the Frederick Meditation center, and a daily meditation during the week at Yogamour Healing Arts Center.  I began teaching meditation while I was in college earning my Bachelors of Arts in Psychology.  To learn about the most recent research and the most effective practices I took a class on the science of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) I studied and practiced this program for a semester.  I try to integrate my knowledge of psychology into my talks in class to deepen my students understanding, and most of the practices you will hear me guiding in class are based on my work in MBSR.

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