Intro Course

Do It Daily: Make The Everyday Extraordinary

Lesson 3 Chapter 1

Informal practice is just as important as formal practice.

From brushing our teeth to taking out the trash, our daily activities are the perfect place to practice. After all, the goal of this work isn't to improve our lives "on the cushion" - it is to take this practice out into the world so we can have more peace.

What would happen if you ate a meal in silence - without your smartphone? If you focused on washing your car with the same joy as the day you first bought it? If you played with your children - without thinking about expense reports?

Try this: This week, choose one mundane task that you do every day. Maybe it is something you usually do without thinking. Every day, do that task as though it were the first time. Pay attention to it, and nothing else. When you get distracted, or catch yourself multi-tasking, just begin again. And again. And again. Add in more tasks as you see fit.

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