Biofeedback For Anxiety & Depression

Sessions are compassionately facilitated by Heidi Stossel, a registered nurse with years of clinical expertise guiding you down the path of science combined with holistic medicine. She is available by appointment at the Frederick Meditation Center.

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Are you struggling with crippling anxiety and overwhelm?

Does the stress of your day to day world keep you frozen from making real decisions and actually getting ahead?

Realistically, you know that self care is the answer but just can’t seem to get there each day. Heidi Stossel, RN, TMHP, founder of Blue Lotus Energetix, offers a ground breaking service that produces profound and permanent results that actually shift the way you manage your world. Dialing down your anxiety and the resulting depression that comes with it is truly possible with the help of biofeedback.

How empowered would you feel if all the static died down and that smile you slap on each day was actually genuine and not just a mask?

Or, when you put your best foot forward, you actually get somewhere?

High tech biofeedback is the answer to finally gaining ground and taking back your life so you can commit to taking care of yourself, your day to day tasks, and those around you.

Heidi utilizes a comprehensive software system to analyze the energy of your vocal chords as well as cellular chemistry to establish and release the emotional patterns in the body where you are stuck.  We also support the process after each session with custom homeopathics specific to you and your needs, not just random guesses – real results.

Your body holds all the answers, let us align you with the solutions using holistic technology. You can actually begin to see the changes occur throughout your session. No effort or need to relive any past trauma, just show up and be led down the path to a new you with the simple touch of biofeedback.

Are you ready to take charge of your life again? Call today 240-500-8940 or email Heidi.